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Mission of the school

To develop students with a strong sense of responsibility, fear of God, respect for social value, academic excellence, personal integrity, creativity, self reliance, entrepreneurschip, high esteem and self criticism through intensive, interactive and invitational teaching. For a school profile click here

August 2014 Mackay Memorial hosts an international conference

The 8th annual, international conference on financially sustainable education Education That Pays For Itself 2014 will be held from the 30th October to 1st November 2014 in Kampala, Uganda. Mackay Memorial will host this conference..... read further.

August 2014 Mackay Memorial won the School Enterprise Challenge

Mackay Memorial has had a double victory in the recently concluded National schools competitions both at the District and National level..... read further.

June 2014: an award for the headteacher

The headteacher Mrs. Ssekabira has received the Tumaini Lifetime Achievement Award. Tumaini is an annual initiative of seven child-rights advocacy non-governmental organisations that include Save the Children, UNICEF, Uganda Child Rights NGO Network (UCRNN), World Vision, Child Fund, Compassion International and ANPPCAN..... read further.


Mackay Memorial College is located in Nateete, one of Kampala suburbs in Rubaga Division, Kampala District. It is 8 km from the city centre, off Masaka road, within the vicinity of Mackay Church of Uganda Natete in Natete Church Zone.

You can find Mackay Memorial College on Facebook (the (former) students), on Youtube, on Twitter, on Wikipedia, on Google Maps and on Wikimapia .

More information

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TEAA (Teachers for East Africa Alumni) is supporting Mackay College. For examples of the projects that are supported look here. For recent news look here

Scotland, Aberdeen, Rhynie

Mackay Memorial College has a natural link with the village Rhynie in Scotland because it is there that Mackay was born and grew up. This link was brought to new life when the headteacher visited Scotland in November 2007, see the article in the Scottish Christian News Monitor.

British Council: Connecting classrooms

Mackay College takes part in the program "Connecting Classrooms" of the British Council. This program provides cluster groups of 3 schools with the chance to partner with schools from two different countries in sub-Saharan Africa and the UK. The schools will link for intercultural dialogue and to increase knowledge and understanding of each other's societies. For more information click here

Rotary Club

The Rotary Club supports the Nateete Water Project and is trying to collect money for it. The Nateete Water Project is to help the Nateete Community of Church Zone to overcome water shortages thorough rehabilitating the existing spring and harvesting rainwater. The project will benefit three schools of over 2,400 pupils and students and the surrounding community with a population of 4,000 residents

eGranary Digital Library

Thanks to the efforts of TEAA the school has an eGranary Digital Library. This library contains millions of selected documents from the Internet that are made available via the local network of the school. For an article from the Worldbank about the use of this library click here.


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