THE ENVIRONMENT CLUB compiled by Opio Nicholas, S.4.A

This club is superintending of the environment conservation. This club has tried pass and sensitizes the students of what is taking place in the change of the nature within our small community of our school and outside were by some of our members try to pass on the acquired skill to the areas of some schools, so, the club has also combined with other school to reinforce the concern about the environment. The schools include: Mackay Memorial Primary school and Nateete Junior school. With the above project, the school, the club has tried to conserve the environment by using its wasted materials like paper, dry leaves, dry grass collected from the school compound while the Day scholars help in the collection of saw dust, charcoal dust, potato and cassava peelings from the surrounding community. The collected material are used in the production of a fuel called briquettes used for cooking. So, this is done to reduce on the cutting down of trees and the pollution of the environment with smoke which flawed the ozone layer (o3) leading to global warming. As the club we are just starting and we are the first School to process them so with time we want to enlarge on our skill and the industry so we are planning to go to the community to sensitize them on the use of wasted materials talked about. So that they can reduce on the cutting down of trees. On the side of tree planting it is superb because the club is making it recrudesce during there daily life like our side dish ,in that seeing some destroying the environment is like sinning to God, the trees are planted within the school compound by both students and visitors. This has created a green environment. Thanks to everybody who has contributed to the existence of the club an can not forget our dutiful environment Dorian gray teacher and our OB who was our patron Mr. .Wepukhuru Tony and Kigongo Rogers(initiator of the club, the Head teacher who introduced the idea two years ago. However I canít forget our God who gives us life and protects our environment