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Who was Alexander Murdoch Mackay?

Alexander Murdoch Mackay was a missionary, a teacher and an engineer who contributed tremendously to Christianity and education in Uganda. As a youth, he left Scotland and committed his life to preaching the word of God to the people of Uganda.

He introduced vocational training, taught practical skills and laid the foundation of education in the Church of Uganda. He introduced a printing press which he used to print the Luganda version of the Holy Bible. The printing press is now at the Uganda Museum.

Unfortunately, his work was cut short by persecution from the leadership then. He fled to Tabora, Tanzania, where he died at the age of only 41 years. His remains were brought back and re-buried at Namirembe Cathedral cemetery.

More information

More information about the life of Mackay, for instance a short biography, can be found on this website.


In October 2007 the Sunday Vision published two articles about Mackay. One about the life of Mackay and one about the cave which Mackay used.

Monuments in memory of this great man

* Mackay memorial school (primary and secondary)

* Mackay Martyrs' church Nateete

Godfrey Lukongwa Binaisa QC, a former president of Uganda (June 1979 - May 1980), is buried here next to his father, Canon Anania Jjuuko Binaisa, an Anglican Christian missionary, and his mother.

* Mackay house at Kyambogo University

* Mackay road at Nateete suburb

* Mackay hall at Uganda Christian University Mukono

* Mackay road at Old Kampala

* Mackay Memorial dining hall at Kings College Buddo

* Mackay Zone, a village in Mengo Rubaga division