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The original plan for the project
Problem statement
Specific objectives
Proposed budget

The original plan for the project

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Mackay Memorial College Nateete is a mixed Day 'O' and 'A' Level secondary school currently with an enrolment of 1000 students. Of recent the school has experienced a steady improvement in all spheres of the school. This has led to improved competitive advantage which has made the enrolment of the school to increase but currently the facilities can not accommodate students as expected. Uganda as a nation is committed to providing equitable quality education for all and the implementation of Universal Secondary Education is a proof. In the strategic plan for Higher Education, a great deal of emphasis is on Science and Information Technology for Tertiary Institutions. This has been confirmed by the recent government decision to support mainly (80%) science-based courses at university and other tertiary institutions. For this reason, the school has acquired some 60 computers of which are for educational purpose. The idea is to have 40 computers for training in order to ease on the current congestion. The school has also receive a modern soft ware library (e-Granary) has been offered by former Teachers of East Africa Alumni. This software needs both room and computer literacy. In the cut-throat competition, the school's strategic plan (which is being implemented), is to provide customer oriented services and therefore provide conducive environment for teaching and learning.

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The current facilities are insufficient and that is why over 300 pupils and students were denied entry despite putting up temporary classroom structures which are not conducive to teaching and learning. There are only 12 classrooms which were designed to accommodate 40 students each. The current Computer Laboratory is formerly a Science Laboratory with limited space to accommodate the desired number of computers. It also has inappropriate air circulation and its location puts the computers at risk and quite often break down forcing the school to incur expenses that would be easily avoided. Accessibility to educative information requires research and reading but currently the space was designed for a classroom which is even made smaller by the book shelves thus limiting users to approximately 6% only. The remaining students hardly have accessibility. There is no space for general assembly and communal learning. General assemblies and lectures are conducted either under a tree or in hired tents which is costly. The increased population also demands increased space for national examinations and currently the biggest space can accommodate 62 candidates a number far lower than the candidates at both levels. This year the candidates were 254 students. Therefore other classes have to be inconvenienced and either study under trees or move to inappropriate rooms. This prompts indiscipline and discourages both the teachers and the learners. However the speed at which the school is growing needs more facilities than it has currently. There is very high retention rate for example first and second term, the population was 854 and the ended with a total of 848 thus six dropped out which is 97.3% retention. There is a big challenge that need to be handled urgently. For example;

2008 student enrolment2009 planned enrolment
classgirlsboystotalclassgirlsboys total
S 18687173S 1 240
S 27275147S 28687173
S 35553108S 37275147
S 46559124S 35553108
S 57690166S 5 240
S 65476130S 67690166
total408440848 1074

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The government's objective is to provide equitable quality education for all and this has been confirmed by the implementation of Universal Secondary Education. This therefore calls for increased space to accommodate more users who are always denied entry to the school services. The school has also acquired books, e-Granary library and developed students' reading culture which demands for bigger library space. Acquiring a main-hall will ease the strain and stress on students and teachers during examinations. It also limits possible loopholes for examination malpractices. Besides, it will help get rid of expenses for hiring tents for occasions that demand participation of the whole school together with parents. Finally, excellent organizational and individual performance is enhanced by provision of required facilities.

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The specific objectives are:

  1. Construction of a four-storied structure (Resource Centre) which will accommodate
    1. Classrooms
    2. Library
    3. Computer Laboratory
    4. Multipurpose hall, which can be used for UNEB examinations, workshops on contemporary social concerns by both local and international communities.
  2. The above when in place will help to;
    1. The school to accommodate more students in relation to the popularity and good will built in the recent years
    2. More USE will be able to access equitable education students
    3. Implement the government's policy of Information Technology.
    4. Access information through print media and Information Technology.
    5. Improve the school's academic performance from 85% qualifying for University and institutions of higher to 100% in the next five years.
    6. Exchange and share information with other institutions world-wide.

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It is expected that when the structure is completed, the following will be achieved:

  1. Increase classrooms by six extra classes and enrolment from 700 to 1000 students.
  2. Reduce the pressure on access of the school services and
  3. Appropriate library facilities in place.
  4. A computer laboratory which will help produce knowledgeable and computer literate individuals able to face global competition.
  5. Improved performance due to availability of adequate facilities.
  6. No more expenses on hiring tents.
  7. A main hall that can be used for examinations and other functions like communal participation.
  8. Improved school's performance and competitive advantage.
  9. Both teachers and students will make academic research for facts in both Science and Arts subjects.
  10. Increase the percentage of students who will qualify to join tertiary institutions on government sponsorship.
  11. Increase students' population due to improved facilities.
  12. Improved school income due to increased population.
  13. Opportunity for the school to other institutions all over the world through website.
  14. Commitment of both the teachers and students will be enhanced.

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Since the launching of the fundraising, the following have been achieved.

  1. 60 computers have been acquired.
  2. A website was launched on 11-06-05, by the Education Advisor of the Netherlands Embassy.
  3. The school magazines have been produced by students using the available computers.
  4. Over one thousand books for the library have been acquired.
  5. Increased population from 265 in 2001 to over 850.
  6. Improved performance with 93% qualifying for university.
  7. Ten million towards the construction

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It is planned that the work of implementation be carried out in phases.

Work plan

Responsible person / organisation
Phase one
  1. Preparation of architectural plans
  2. Artistic impressions
  3. Preparation of bills of quantities
School management / Old students' Association Eng plan
Phase two
Sensitization of public through:
  1. Public Lectures
  2. Publications
  3. Mackay days
  4. Website
Old Students' Association / School management
Phase three
Soliciting funding from government & good willed persons
Board of Governors / Headteacher / Old students
continuous to completion
Phase four
Construction of Resource Centre
Eng plan / any approved credible firm
One and a half years
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Evaluation will be carried out by the following stakeholders:
  1. The teachers to establish the effectiveness and contribution of the constructed resource centre facilities through the students' attitude and performance.
  2. The school management by critically analyzing the school's national examination results in comparison to the period before construction of the resource centre.
  3. The Board of Governors and the funding agency for proper utilization of funds.
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The supervision of the work will be closely carried out by;

  1. The Headteacher on site
  2. The Finance/Implementation, Board of Governors committee
  3. The funding Agency.

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PhaseActivityCost (Ug. shs.)US$
Phase onea) Preparation of architectural plans3,300,0001.941.2
b) Artistic impressions150,00088.2
c) Approved architectural plans2,312,0001.360
d) Preparation of bills of quantities300,000176.5
Phase twoSoliciting funding contacts1,000,000588.2
Phase threeConstruction1,391,087,108818286.5
Phase fourSourcing materials/equipment for library and computer centre.(this cuts through the implementation period)25,000,00014705.90
Total 1,423,149,108837.146.5