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Connecting classrooms

Mackay College takes part in the program "Connecting Classrooms" of the British Council. This program provides cluster groups of 3 schools with the chance to partner with schools from two different countries in sub-Saharan Africa and the UK. The schools will link for intercultural dialogue and to increase knowledge and understanding of each other's societies.


First year: organized by cluster Uganda


  • launch and planning. For a report of the Year 1 Exchange, click here
  • culture, arts, heritage
  • environment

Second year: organized by cluster UK


  • health issues
  • developing leadership
  • global citizenship

Third year: organized by cluster Senegal


  • 21st century technology
  • review
  • the future

cluster Uganda

cluster United Kingdom

  • Fortismere
  • Coldfall Primary
  • Blanche Nevile special school

cluster Senegal