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Environmental projects

Working on the environment is important, see a recent article in the Monitor from columnist Charles Onyango Obbo.

At Mackay College environmental projects are realised. During the Commonwealth People's Forum the headteacher described why this is done and what kind of projects.

You can hear her by clicking here.

The size of this audio file is 650K!. Therefore a transcript is given.

Mrs. G.I. Ssekabira:

The question is why should I do anything to tackle climate change? It is because if I do tackle climate change I make a change and I believe that I can influence other. When I take action then I'll be influencing other and I can make a difference within the community and finally within the country and the rest will follow. The action is for example: we have already taken auditing in our school and the environment surrounding us and to see what changes have come with climate change and what affects us as a school and also the community around. We found out that we have water and erosion which is taking our top soil and the top soil is going down into the swamp where we cannot plant anything. On top we remain with barren soil and we reduce our agricultural product. This water also goes into the flood. It takes with it the polythene bags because we have poor garbage management and in the process it blocks the way of the water and that water cannot reach the rivers and therefore the water levels go down and when they go down we don't get the rains in the proper time. You know there are so many things and also when we take action we can also increase income indirectly because for example we have taken auditing and in this way we have seen that if we harvest water we reduce erosion. In the process of reducing erosion we are getting water and when we get water we reduce the water bills that we have been incurred. And also we let people get to know that we have everything around us but we have not known how to use it because our water actually pours, it does not rain. But when it pours it goes into the lake and will be brought back by that one that charges me. But if I can capture it there and then then I am reducing my bill as well as protecting the environment.