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Warning: requests for school fee support

When you receive a request for school fee support from someone who says that he/she studies at Mackay College you can do the following

Carefully compare the information provided in the request with the information on this website. Especially the school profile should provide you with detailed information about what is being teached.

When you have doubts ask for more information via the e-mail addresses on this website

Check the well-known cases of false pretext, see below

Well-known cases of false pretext

When you receive an application for school fee support for Mackay College for nursing from Ms. Nabacuva Christie, you are warned NOT to respond to this. Another name that is used is Christine Nabacwa. Ms. Nabacuva or Nabacwa is not studying at Mackay College but uses Mackay College for asking for school fee support. There is no such Mackay College for nursing.